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Consulting Partners

Our Consultant Partners are typically IT Consulting companies with their own unique expertise and business domains. We help our Consulting Partners with talent acquisition for internal use as well as resale. Our key offerings for Consultant Partners are:

  • Right man for the job: We can search the whole of Europe
    to find the right mix of domain experiences and IT skills
  • The right price: If your need is just a simple development task, there is
    no need to hire a rockstar
  • Speed & Flexibility: Get the CV in the format you need and with your personal design
  • Full TMS: Use our Talent Management System for your own
    consultants as well as all the nearshore consultants

HR Partners:

Our HR partners range from freelance talent scouts to large IT consultant companies and temp agencies. We make it easy to search for new candidates, manage your talents and get new business. We provide our HR partners with:

  • Free job boards: Post your job directly to thousands of developers
  • Contact developers directly: Our unique TMS make engaging with developers
    a breeze
  • Multi dimensional search: Search for any number of skills, work permit,
    countries or technologies
  • Full talent management system (TMS): Manage your search, selection and
    presentation of your consultants with minimum effort
  • Great CV version control: Create your own CV layout or use one of our many

Outsourcing Partner:

Let us help you manage your consultants and get access to the scandinavian IT market. Our TMS gives you an unique opportunity to manage projects and skills and makes it easy for you and your partners to resell your consultants.

  • Increase utilization: If some of your developers are in between projects, you can optimize the utillization by reselling to other Partners
  • Access to new markets: We operate in all the Scandinavian countries
    as well as Germany, Holland and the UK

  • Full TMS system: Get access to our full Talent Management System to
    structure key technologies, business domains and project references
  • Free upgrade to Consultant Partner: If you are missing talent, you can
    easily upgrade to a Consultant Partner profile and post job and project offerings
    and get access to EuropenTalent

Partner advantages

Find great talents

Fully customizable CV

White label solutions

Contract your developers

Free job boards

Post job offerings

Full ATS & TMS

Search for technologies & business domains

Multiple CV’s per developer

Talent and Skill Management


Invite ConsultantsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Format CV
Multiple CV’s
Respond to job requests
Search own Consultants
Create job requests integration
Search 3rd party consultants
Own logo template
Codility Integration
API Access
Get leads from EuropeanTalent


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